Frequently Asked Questions about Balayage at a Hair Salon Toronto

There are many different ways to dye your hair and one of them includes a special method called balayage. You may have heard of this before or know somebody that has had it done. If you’re interested in balayage and want to get all of your most pressing questions answered, read through these FAQ about balayage at your local hair salon Toronto.

What Is Balayage?

This is a French word that means “sweeping in French” and it is a way to colour your hair using a free-hand technique. The hair is sectioned off into different sections and the colour is painted on without the use of foil. As a result, there is no huge contrast between the colours that are applied and you will see a natural presentation of hair colour.

Ombre versus Balayage

Ombre is a look that gives you two tones in the hair that appears darker at the roots. It fades to a lighter colour at the ends.

Highlights versus Balayage

Balayage offers a more natural and softer result than foil highlights that have been traditionally used. As well, the lines of regrowth aren’t as noticeable. When you receive balayage at a hair salon Toronto your hair will look like you have been spending some time in the sun and your hair has lightened naturally.

Do You Need to Get Blonde Balayage?

No, you can choose any colour you want. While blonde balayage has been trending recently, you can try using different colours to see which ones suit you the best. You can also use a mix of shades to add more texture and depth to your hair.

Do I Need to Wait until My Other Hair Colouring Toronto Has Grown Out

No you don’t have to wait for your existing hair colouring Toronto to grow out before receiving balayage. It can be applied over your current colour. With this technique it’s all about working with your hair’s colour as it is now to give it the best appearance. The highlights are only applied from the middle length of your hair working downwards. If you are worried about any greys that are appearing, your roots can also be refreshed with the natural colour of the balayage.

Do I Need to Get a Haircut When I Get the Balayage?

While it’s not necessary to get a haircut before getting the balayage it is highly recommended. The best balayage and any other hair colouring Toronto starts with a great cut. This gives you the best foundation and helps the balayage define your features in the best way possible. The hairstylist will advise you on the best type of cut according to the shape of your face. He can also recommend the colours that would match your skin tone the best.

Some of the hues recommended according to skin tone include:

Pale skin – People with pale skin usually look best with dark brown, light brown, red or blond balayage.

Medium-toned skin – Red tones and soft browns are great for people with medium-toned skin as are soft brown and warm blonde colours.

Dark skin tones – Usually the best colours for people with a darker skin tone include light colours such as ash or warm blonde and caramel colours.

How Long Does It Take at a Hair Studio Downtown Toronto?

When you make your appointment at a hair studio downtown Toronto you’ll be asked a few questions regarding how many highlights you want. If you only want a few highlights it will usually take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. If you’re looking for a balayage with more layers this can take up to 3 hours to complete.

How Long Can I Expect the Balayage to Last?

The balayage is a permanent dye that will last until your hair grows out. As it is growing it’s easy to maintain with cleansing products that are specifically made for highlighted hair. Look for hair care products that are hydrating and can reactivate faded and dull highlights. Your stylist may recommend some products that you can purchase on the spot.

Can I Get It If My Hair Is Short?

Yes, a balayage can be applied to short, medium length and long hair. The application is the same and is directed by the type of haircut you get. As with long and mid-length hair, the balayage done on short hair should flow naturally.

What Is 3-D Balayage?

When you get a regular hair colouring dye job done it can make your hair appear lifeless and flat. One of the latest techniques for using balayage includes giving it a multi-tonal dimension. It’s like contouring your hair with dye. It takes traditional balayage up to a brand-new level.

When you get 3-D Balayage at a hair salon Toronto you’ll be adding 2 different shades of colour with one slightly darker and one slightly lighter. This provides 3-D looking shadows and lights that make the hair look more voluminous and thicker without any streaky highlights or harsh lines. Be sure to ask about this latest trending hair colouring Toronto.

Should I Take Along Pictures to My Appointment?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to take along any pictures that you have seen either in a magazine or online. Show them to your hairstylist and he’ll let you know whether the shades you like would match your skin tone.

Can Balayage Work on Kinky or Textured Hair?

Yes, balayage can work on any type of hair texture. When you are working with curly hair, various curls can be selected to add the colours to. The final look that you want depends on the colour you choose and not on the texture of your hair.

Finding the Right Salon

Balayage should be left to the professionals at a highly reputable hair salon Toronto. While you can attempt to do it at home on your own, you shouldn’t expect to see the quality results that you would get with hair colouring Toronto done by an expert. If you do try to do it on your own and you aren’t happy with the results, however, you can visit a hair studio downtown Toronto to get it corrected.

If you’re ready to try the latest trending hair colouring Toronto technique to see how it can transform your looks into something brand-new and natural, please contact us now through our website at themakeoverplace.ca.