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At The Makeover Place salon and spa, we want to make sure every client and stylist has a great experience. When appointments are missed or canceled without enough notice, it affects everyone. So, we’ve put together some simple rules for all appointments:

1. *Booking Appointments*:

To book, we need a credit card on file. If you prefer not to give your card details, we’ll need a deposit for bigger services like color services, facials ($100) and small services like haircutting services, manicure/pedicures ($50). Your deposit will be added to your service total at the time of cash out or you can get your deposit back if you are paying by card after your appointment, but you’ll need to leave another deposit if you want to book again. It’s easier to keep your deposit on file while you’re a client with us.

2. *Cancellation Policy*:

You can cancel or change your appointment for free up to 48 business hours before your appointment time. If you cancel later than that, you’ll lose your deposit.

3. *No-shows and Late Cancellations*:

If you miss two appointments or cancel with short notice, you’ll only be able to book on the day of your desired service. No-shows must pay in advance for their next appointment. If we can’t charge your card, we’ll send you an invoice. You can’t book another appointment until you’ve paid this invoice. You’ll also need to leave a deposit for future appointments if we couldn’t charge your card before.

4. *Last-minute Bookings*:

If you book within 48 business hours of your appointment, the same cancellation rules apply.

5. *Appointment Reminders*:

We’ll remind you of your appointment 48-72 hours before, the day before, and the day of your appointment. If you’ve turned off our reminders, it’s your responsibility to remember and confirm your appointment. Not confirming doesn’t count as canceling. To avoid losing your deposit, cancel within 2 business days of your appointment.

6. *Arriving on Time*:

Please come in at least ten minutes before your appointment time. If you’re late, we’ll give you a 10-minute grace period. But it’s best to be early!

7. *Late Arrivals*:

If you’re late, we may not have enough time to finish your service. You’ll still be charged the full price.

8. *Refunds and Adjustments*:

We don’t offer refunds, but if there’s a mistake with your service, let us know within 72 hours, and we’ll fix it for you.

9. *Our Promise*:

We’re committed to giving you a personal and high-quality experience from start to finish.

If you have any questions about our policies, feel free to ask. We’re here to help!

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