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Aromatherapy Massage Toronto

Aroma therapy Massage

The addition of essential oils in aromatherapy boosts and reinforces the essential benefits of a traditional massage. The MakeOver Place Aromatherapy Massage is a hands-on therapy that seeks to induce relaxation, increase energy, and reduce the consequences of stress to revive lost balance to body, mind, and soul. During your session, MoP’s massage therapists diffuse essential oil for a calming aroma or add a couple of drops to the massage lotion.

Aromatherapy Massage Toronto

Aroma therapy 60 Massage

The natural, non-invasive modality of this aromatherapy is designed to affect the entire person not just a symptom or disease but to help the body’s inherent aptitude to balance, regulate and heal itself with the right use of essential oils coupled with massaging. It is beneficial for a plethora of reasons, including relaxation, pain management, and improved mood.

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Hot Stone Body Massage

A stone massage makes use of smooth and flat rocks heated in water and placed at key points. The utilization of hot stones therapy offers enhanced benefits of easing muscle stiffness, increasing circulation and metabolism.

Each 1 hour of hot stone massage therapy session promotes deeper muscle relaxation via localized heat and gentle weight to relax muscles. MakeOver Place’s professional massage therapists appropriately customize the massage, applying deeper compression wherever required, without causing discomposure.


(A) Detox Marine Bodywrap (using marine MUD MASK)

Body wrapping is based on the celebrated technique of heat wrapping. Marine wrap treatment is a deeply detoxifying, combining the richness of marine minerals, sea mud and plant essences. Organic tea Salt Therapy is applied for exfoliation and tempering the skin before a warm Marine Mask is applied and the body cocooned in a comforting wrap. For total relaxation and complete comfort, a soothing scalp massage is performed. To finish, an enlivening lotion is massaged to rejuvenate.

Benefits: Eliminates toxins and cellulite, filters tissues, firms

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(B) Remineralizing Marine Bodywrap (using Marine-Based GEL)

The choice of the demineralizing wrap is suited for individuals who are tired and lacking tone. A massage at the end of the cocoon treatment re-invigorates the skin.

Benefits: Invigorating, energizing, anti-stress, relaxation


SATIN SHIMMER – Salt Crystals Exfoliation

This body treatment gives a radiant skin- it is ideal just before a vacation, waxing or a tanning session. Total body care that polishes, has full exfoliation with salt crystals, a soothing massage, and intense moisturization.

Benefits: Hydrates, moisturizes, gives sheen

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Body Massage Toronto

Hot Stone Massage Toronto

Aromatherapy Massage Toronto