How to remove tan from face and skin naturally? DIY De-tan Tips

How to remove tan from face and skin naturally? DIY De-tan Tips

Holidays are fun until you grab a mirror and find that your skin has turned two shades darker! Here are few effective tips to de-tan your face and skin instantly.

If you are spending considerable time outdoors, sun rays may damage your skin by making your skin colour go for a toss. Though applying sunscreen religiously does help to keep harmful sun rays at bay, but it may not be enough all the time. Tan would gradually eliminate on its own, but what if you are in a hurry? Here are a few tried and tested tips from the skincare experts at The Makeover Place, Toronto that not only removes tan but leaves your skin glowing and fairer.

What is tanning?

When the skin is exposed to sunlight, melanin production gets boosted to protect the skin from damage. Excess melanin production results in skin darkening resulting in tanning. Uncovered/exposed areas such as the face, neck, hands, arms, legs and feet are highly prone to tanning.

 What causes tanning?

Exposure to harmful solar radiation (UVA and UVB) triggers the production of melanin which is the skin darkening pigment. Tanning has a different reaction based on the skin types.  For example, people having pale white skin colour would mostly experience skin burning, yet there is no darkening. Similarly, beige and brown skin coloured people would see a difference in their skin colour but skin burning would be less.

How to remove tan from the face at home?

1.      Yogurt and Tomato

Tomato is a rich source of antioxidants that helps to brighten the skin and improves your skin complexion. The soothing properties of yogurt help to reduce rashes and soften the skin. Take a small tomato and peel it. Blend it with 2 tsp yogurt (preferably fresh). Apply this paste on your tan and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash it off with normal water.

You can also make a pack using tomato extracts and papaya. Apply the paste for around 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

2.      Cucumber extracts

If you have sunburns or a tanned skin, try the magical powers of cucumber. The cooling hydrant properties of a cucumber when mixed with soothing rosewater and few drops of lemon juice makes your skin tan-free. Peel half a cucumber and shred the juice out. Mix together all three ingredients and apply on the affected areas using a cotton ball. Results will surprise you.

3.      Turmeric and Bengal gram Flour

The medicinal and antiseptic properties of Turmeric are well noted. It not only brightens your skin but is indeed a prime component of all skin glowing creams. Bengal gram flour is an excellent skin lightening agent.

Take 1 tsp of turmeric in half a cup of Bengal gram flour. Mix it with the help of water or milk. If you have oily skin, go for water and for dry skin, mix the ingredients using milk. Apply it all over your neck, hands, face and other tanned areas. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Scrub it off and now wash it using normal water.

You can add this step to your daily skincare routine.

4.      Potato Juice

Potato juice is well-known for lightening the dark circles around the eyes. In fact, potato juice is a well-known potent bleaching agent.  You can use thin slices of potato on the tan affected areas. Or, juice out a raw potato and apply it using a cotton ball.

5.      Oats and Buttermilk

Yes, your favourite breakfast can help you get rid of tan quickly. Oats act as natural exfoliators and remove the dead skin out from your face. Buttermilk, on the other hand dramatically helps to reduce discoloration. Make a thick paste of oatmeal and buttermilk. Massage it on your tanned areas for 5-7 minutes and wash it off with cold water for glowing and tan free skin.

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