How to prep curly hair and prevent from tousling? | Curly Hair Care Tips

How to prep curly hair and prevent from tousling? | Curly Hair Care Tips

There is something definitely about those gorgeous curls, that we don’t change them for a world. Check out how to prep your curly locks before styling so that they remain bouncy, glossy and voluminous all day long.

We all adore the beauty of curly locks but have never estimated the pain of tangling or unpredictable styles that women with curly hair would be experiencing. But, there is certainly something irresistible about those gorgeous curls, that we don’t change them even for a world. Managing curly hair is a big challenge but at the same time, you don’t need to be a pro to make your hairstyle look perfect. You just need to nail the right prep work to nail any hairstyle on your wavy locks.

Why do you need to prep your hair before styling?

The hair experts at The Makeover Place the best hair care salon in Toronto, share that a right prep work on curls gives them definition and nourishment. This helps your hair to hold the curls for long. Right nourishment is vital as curly hair tends to lose moisture over time which makes them look frizzy and dull. Here are a few tips to prep your hair and make them look bouncy, voluminous and glossy all day long.

So, before you start with your curling wands or diffusers to style your curly locks, make sure to prep your hair with these tips.

1.      Pre-wash oiling

If your curly hair are prone to frizz or become dull pretty quickly, then make oiling your best friend. Massage with a nourishing hair oil from roots to tips before washing. Let the oil sit for 15-20 minutes and take the head bath. The oil will help you regain the lost shine and make your hair silky and less frizzy. For your right oil, consult hair care experts in Toronto.

2.      Wash with a hydrating Shampoo

Curly tresses often lack natural nourishment as the oil produced at the scalp fails to reach the ends of your strands due to the twists and turns of the curls. This makes them go dry, lack lustre and appear frizzy. The secret of having well-behaved curls is to keep them hydrated and nourished.  The best way to start is using a well-hydrated shampoo that not only cleanses the oil and dirt built up on the scalp but makes curls manageable as well.

3.      Deep Conditioning

You can go with a regular conditioner every time you wash your mane but styling day needs deep conditioning. Prefer following up your shampoo with a hair mask that helps to fortify your strands, detangle stubborn curls, reduce frizz and boost smoothness. Keep the mask for 3-5 minutes and then rinse it under the shower.

Curly hair respond well to a leave-in treatment. Apply a softening leave-in cream on damp hair to lock the hydration.

4.      Go easy on the drying

Avoid towel drying your damp tresses as it will make your hair frizzy and prone to breakage. Prefer air drying. Just tilt your head forward after wash and gently squeeze the excess water. Make sure that your hair are dried as much gently and naturally as possible.

5.      Heat Protection Spray

Diffusers are perfect for curly hairs as they are less damaging than blow dryers. But, diffusers still use warm hair for styling and hair drying. To minimize the heat damage, spritz heat protection spray on your hair (from mid-length to ends). Apart from protecting from heat, it also helps your curly tresses from pollution damage, locks moisture and makes them shiny.

While you are using a diffuser don’t over-dry your hair. Just dry out the excess water and leave the rest to dry naturally. Brushing may be too aggressive on dry curly hair. Prefer detangling when the tresses are damp. Start from the end of the strands and slowly go upwards to avoid breakage.

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