How to make thin hair look voluminous and fuller

How to make thin hair look voluminous and fuller?

Having naturally limp and thin hair? Before you relegate your life to live with thin hair, check out some easy tips to turn things around.

It doesn’t matter if you have recently noticed hair thinning or started having it post-delivery, the pain and concern are the same. Everyone dreams of having luscious locks but thin mane shatters the dreams of many. Thin locks are not only weak and prone to breakage but are also tricky to style. A lot of things depend on the natural texture of the hair as well.

You may be spending a lot of time fussing around a complicated hairstyling routine using numerous products or even spending huge bucks in the best hair salon in Toronto. You seriously can avoid all of this stuff by following these affordable and easy tips.

So, let’s get started with these super-easy hair-hacks to give volume to your hair and make them appear fuller.

·        Hair Conditioning Hack

Hair conditioning is an inevitable step of your hair-care routine that adds moisture and smoothen your strands. But, the ingredients responsible for conditioning your mane tend to be heavy and may further weigh down the strands. So, rather than picking a hair conditioner randomly, you should focus on your hair needs. Look out for a hair care salon near you and consult a hair expert for the right products.

Use volumizing (shampoo and conditioner) and thickening products in your hair care routine that plumps up each hair strand and gives them volume.

For best results, use conditioner before applying shampoo as this makes sure that all the heavy ingredients are washed, giving you fuller, bouncy and smooth hair.

·        Change your partition

In case you have been wearing the same part (partition) for years, it tends to grow wider and a bit sparse over time. Switch to other side of the part to give instant volume to your hair. Going against your natural fall line would make your new part line look denser and fuller.

And the best part is that it just takes a second to style!

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·        Avoid frequent head washes

Washing hair too frequently may wash away the natural oils from the hair turning them thin and making them appear stringy. The best way to avoid this is by using dry shampoos in between your washes. The oil-absorbing agent in the dry shampoo absorbs all the excess oil from the scalp, giving a cleaner and fuller look to your hair. L’Oreal’s Morning After Dust Reviver Dry Shampoo is the best in this category.

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·        Covering Roots

If you are having thin hair or are experiencing hair fall, a part of your scalp is probably visible. And this further worsens the situation by making thin hair look even thinner. There are many root concealing sprays available in the market. These root concealers give a soft and seamless colour to your roots and scalp without disturbing your makeup, thereby, helps in seamlessly creating a fake appearance of fuller hair. It also helps to cover those pesky grays as well.

·        Blow-Dry your hair

While heating irons and straightners help to smooth out your hair, they are not suitable when you need a fuller and bouncy look. Use a blow-dryer for a perfect party-ready and fuller look. Pre-damp your hair, section it and use a round brush to define your look with a blow dryer.

·        Right diet

Your diet directly impacts your hair health. Consume healthy foods such as nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables etc for a perfect look and feel of your hair. Regular scrubbing, masking, oiling and massaging help in stimulating the hair follicles, thereby, encouraging thick hair growth.

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