How to Look all Day Refreshed at Office?

How to Look all Day Refreshed at Office?

In today’s jam-packed routine, we all have struck up in the mundane ups and downs of life leaving no time for ourselves. Here are a few easy tips to keep ourselves rejuvenated, refreshed and upbeat amidst the hectic office schedule.

From the last-minute rushing out of the house to tirelessly working in the office, our motto has just boiled down to somehow getting through the day. No time for self-care or self-pampering. According to Soulconnexion, starting your day with a group exercise would help you get rid of endorphins. Kick start your day with a sweaty workout that will make you feel alive and rejuvenated.

Here are a few tips that will help you look all day refreshed and energetic in the office. Be it a post-lunch meeting or a late-night cocktail client party, go flawless and enjoy muliebrity to the maximum.

1.      Fixing Oil Slicks

The makeup meltdown usually starts post-lunch. Try using delicate beauty papers such as tissues for fixing excess oil on the face. These papers absorb the excess oil and leave the face squeaky clean. These beauty sheets or soft tissue papers are easily available in the market and empower you to change the oil-blotting game.

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2.      Fixing Dull Eyes

Eyes usually turn dull, lifeless and bloodshot after spending a few hours in front of the computer screen. To eliminate the fatigue, conceal your eyes with another bright layer of eyeliner on upper and lower eyelids. Avoid putting shimmer or glitters unless you want to look showy. Always play subtly with the eyes for office.

3.      Fixing Dry Skin

The skin may turn dry or ashy during office hours. To get an all day long radiant skin, a face mist or hyperactive sprinkler could be used. This results in a dewy spa-face and says goodbye to your dry and dull face.

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4.      Dark Circles

As the make-up starts melting down, your dark circles or pigments start becoming visible. You may have applied a branded concealer, but it could save you only for a few hours. Just carry your concealer stick in your purse/bag and perform a touch-up or dab around the dark circles and red spots. This evens out the skin tone and helps you look refreshed instantly.

The digital detox facial at The Makeover Place, Toronto helps you detoxify and resurface the dull, lined and tired skin. Bring back the refreshed and glowing skin with this affordable facial in Downtown, Toronto.

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5.      Lifeless Complexion

Blush has the power to instantly revive dull and tired-looking skin. You can choose any blusher depending upon your skin tone. Cheek Sticks are a good option to make your skin look refreshed and highlighted.

If you are having a dull, damaged or pigmented skin, it may turn worse during long hectic hours. The Makeover Place promises to give you back your youthful and beautiful contours by removing the dead cells with their customized peel facial.

Here are some quick office makeup tips by TMOP’s professional make-up artists.

  • Don’t load layers of mascara on your lashes. Only two coats (maximum).
  • Avoid fake eye-lashes.
  • Don’t go for dark eye makeup. Keep it reserved for special occasions.
  • Wear softer lip colors.
  • Proper manicured and well-groomed nails. Pastel nail paints are perfect for formal visits.


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