How to Fix Makeup Blunders ?

How to Fix Makeup Blunders?

Messed up with your winged eyeliner or shade of foundation? Makeup blunders can be too frustrating when you are running short of time or getting ready for an outstation event. Here’s how you can do the damage control of your makeup.

You may be a makeup-pro, but mess-ups do happen.

Be it a feathering lipstick or accidentally swiping mascara, these little flubs may have a big impact on your final look. Starting all over again is not a solution as it is time-consuming and frustrating. Don’t fret! Here are a few super cool and failsafe makeup hacks for times when those inevitable blunders arise.

·        Messing up with Mascara

While applying mascara you sneezed accidentally, and your mascara wand swiped some other place than your eyelashes. The first thing to do is-stop immediately!

Don’t try to wipe the area when your mascara is still wet else the things will turn messier. Meanwhile, just finish the makeup in other areas and let the mascara dry. Now, scrub it by using a clean spoolie. It will flake off easily as its dry and won’t disrupt the makeup underneath.

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·        Cakey Foundation

It may happen that in a desire to get more even-toned makeup you end up piling extra layers of foundation that look unrealistic and cakey. To reverse this pesky step, all you need is your moisturizer. In case you feel that your foundation is a bit heavy or turning cakey, just take a small amount of moisturizer and dab it slowly on your skin.

Now, rub it all over your skin in small circles either using your fingertips or kabuki brush. After that, use a damp sponge to blot off any extra product. Make sure that your moisturizer is neither too thick nor rich as it may alter your makeup. You just have to apply moisturizer to blend the foundation and make it appear more natural.

·        Running-in with Blush

Your face is ready for blush application after you have applied your concealer and foundation. But, you may accidentally run-in your blush brush and get the blush on other areas where it is not meant to be.

In this situation, rather than wiping and starting again, just use a damp sponge to blend some additional foundation to mute the effect of blush.

·        Uneven Eyeshadow

For fixing an uneven eyeshadow, firstly use a Q-tip or an earbud to pat away the eyeshadow. After that, apply a matte beige colour eyeshadow to nullify the earlier colour effect.

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·        Wonky Lip Liner or Lip Colour

In case your lipliner turns wonky, use a cleansing wipe and carefully remove the area where you messed up. Now, reapply the colour. Don’t forget to apply concealer using a fine lip brush on the outside of your lips. The concealer offers a dual advantage. First, it covers any smeared lipstick and secondly, it helps the new application to stay intact.

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·        Wrong Foundation Shade

This is one of the gravest and inarguably the most common makeup mistake made by the gorgeous divas. Here’s what you can do. In case you have applied the wrong shade, decrease the intensity of the shade by making it lighter. Either mix it with a lighter shade foundation or sheer it out with water.

A damp makeup sponge allows the makeup to blend perfectly. Make sure to bring your base down to your neck as well.

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