How to do skincare after Facial The Dos and Don’ts

How to do skincare after Facial? The Dos and Don’ts

Following proper skincare routine post any facial is of paramount importance for a long-lasting glow. Here are the dos and don’ts post-facial to help you get the covetable glow.

Getting your skin pampered with a hydrating and rejuvenating facial is just the first move. The most important step is to maintain and retain that glow for a longer time. Skincare professionals from The Makeover Place- the best salon in Toronto, have compiled the list of dos and don’ts post-facial for an optimal glow.

But, first, understand what happens to your skin after receiving a facial?

After all that scrubbing, steaming, blackhead removal, etc., skin becomes sensitive. Dead skin cells are removed and the new cells need some time to mature. Any exposure to a harsh product may harm and irritate the skin at this point.

Also, pores are unclogged after steaming. So, touching the skin can result in the trapping of bacteria and dirt beneath the skin layers.

As the best estheticians in Toronto are working on your skin to make it flawless, you need to do your part as well. Here are the dos and don’ts to follow post-facial for a resilient glow.


1.       Sunscreen- Your best friend

Your skin needs extra protection after any facial. Increase the SPF of your sunscreen for additional defence against the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen for everyday usage and avoid stepping out in sun without wearing a sun guard.

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2.       Gentle cleansing

Having a facial doesn’t mean that you don’t have to clean your face for a few days. Cleaning the face is essential to keep the dirt away and keep the skin healthy.  Use a gentle cleanser to remove the dirt, unwanted grease, oil and debris off your face.

3.       Stay hydrated

The creams, masks, hydrafacial treatment, etc. have done their work by hydrating your skin. Now, it’s your turn to keep yourself hydrated by drinking loads of water for that extra glow.

4.       Change/wash your things

As your pores are now open after facial, you need to stay extra careful as dirt and bacteria can easily glide through the open pores. The pores may get blocked again resulting in the formation of zits and inflammation.  Make sure you use a new or freshly washed towel. Don’t forget to change your pillow covers and face towel.

Sanitize your gadgets (mobiles) and other things that touch your face. Also, ensure cleaning of your makeup brushes in case you plan to use them.

5.       Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis and reduces hyper pigmentation. Including Vitamin C serum in your skincare routine makes your skin look younger, plumper and hydrated.


1.       Exfoliate immediately

Give a small break of 2-3 days from exfoliation to your freshly buffed skin. While it is important to exfoliate to remove oil and dead skin, start with a gentle scrub from the next week.

2.       Visit the steam room

Your skin has already been exposed to steam during facial; over-exposure could result in rashes or broken capillaries.  So, though it may sound great to end the day with a blissful spa but staying away would be your best bet. The same rule applies for the gym as well. Increased sweat and heat can trigger inflammation in your freshly exfoliated skin.

3.       Wax/thread

Complete all other procedures such as face waxing, threading etc before your facial. As the skin turns sensitive after facial, doing waxing/threading can irritate the skin and result in rashes.

4.       Prick pimples

Some pimples, whiteheads, blackheads etc may get through the facial. Don’t prink them. Touching or popping them may result in breakouts and scarring.

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5.       Wear makeup immediately

Deep cleaning makes your pores open during the facial. Wearing makeup just after the facial can clog your pores. Always give some time to the skin to breathe and heal. Let the pores close naturally. Anything, when applied on the freshly exfoliated face, may get trapped deep within the skin layers.

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