How to Bring Back that Healthy Glow this winter and Stay Flawless?

How to Bring Back that Healthy Glow this winter and Stay Flawless?

As you seek shelter from the frosty Canadian temperatures, winters can wreak havoc on your beautiful skin. The extreme temperatures and frigid winter air could make the skin dry, flaky, irritated etc. Bring back that glowing and flawless skin with these easy tips directly from the skin professionals at The Makeover Place.

Flawless, glowing skin is something all the beauty-aficionados would love to have all year round. But, the frosting Canadian winters wreak havoc on the skin. Famous Dermatologist Dr. Anatoli Freiman, Medical Director, Toronto Dermatology Centre shares that following a good beauty routine is essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

This famous dermatologist and co-author of, The Best Skin of Your Life Starts Here” stresses on using moisturizing and creamy body wash rather than soaps (bars or liquid) every time you wash your hands. Hands and face are hit the hardest in the winters.

Here are a few tips that will help to reinstate the lost glow of your skin during winters.

1.      Protection from Winter Sun

During winters chances of skin damage increase as the sun starts reflecting off the snow. This amplifies the risks of sunburns as the skin gets exposed to more UV radiation in winters than in summers. The best way is to wear a proper sunscreen lotion or sun-block with a good SPF to protect the harmful radiations from the sun.

The sunscreen should be applied before applying any makeup. Don’t forget to take a facial spa at least once in a month from the best aesthetician Toronto to make sure the skin stays hydrated and moisturized.

2.      Avoid Hot Showers

This is a bit surprising but true!

We all take hot showers in winters to stay warm in winters but it actually damages the skin a lot more. After giving momentary warmth, the heat evaporates and takes all the moisture. This makes the skin dry and can even exacerbate eczema in case you have that. Use a moisturizing cream that seals the moisture post bathing and protects the skin from external aggressors.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests taking a 10-15 minute bath with lukewarm water. CDC also suggests washing hands with cooler water rather than hot water in winters. Visit a professional nail salon in Toronto to get the best manicures and pedicures that will make you fall in love with your nails, hands and feet.

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3.      Sweaters can be Itchy

Sweaters and warmers can be ultra-cozy, but even the warmest of material could turn your skin dry, itchy and flaky. In fact, it could worsen your eczema and can cause flare-ups.

The best way is to apply a body cream that nourishes and lubricates the skin. Applying body moisturizer before wearing clothes also helps to soothe the inflamed areas. Go for alcohol-based but fragrance-free moisturizers or apply products with natural ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, etc.

Taking a Hydra Facial treatment makes your skin soft, hydrated and glowing. Contact The Makeover Place for best hydrafacial Toronto at affordable prices done by certified professionals.

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4.      Avoid Exfoliating Products

Exfoliating products can cause much damage to the skin in winters just in case you overdo it. Face scrubs often damage the skin protective layer when the temperature falls beyond zero. Rather than using these harsh products go for cleansing milk or other natural moisturizers. This will not only hydrate, nourish and make your skin glow but also help to stay protected from harmful UV radiations.

5.      Drink lots of Water

Healthy, glowing and nourished skin boost your confidence to n levels. The secret to healthy skin lies within you i.e. water. By limiting the caffeine intake and drinking plenty of water, you can actually keep your skin plump and soft year long.

Last, but definitely not least, good sleep is essential for your beauty regime. Get a sleep of around 6-7 hours. When you’re getting refreshed, the skin is naturally repairing and rejuvenating itself while you are sleeping.

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